2017 Year-end report

Leadership Board Report

January 2018

Four Years, hard to believe that we have been here, doing our best to advance the gospel, for four years already. God has blessed and kept us and provided for not only our ministry here in Sebewaing but the potential to create a network of disciple-making ministries around the Thumb. As I write this report I want to take a few minutes to highlight our strengths and talk about our weaknesses. Being an optimist let me start with the positive.


There is a very strong sense of unity at Son’s Life Missionary Church. Our people genuinely care for each other and like to spend time together. We do a good job reaching out to visitors and they are always amazed at how people hang around after service to share and fellowship.

Our worship is not just singly faceted. The people are open and appreciate each of the different worship teams. The church is always open to hearing from each other as different people share the gospel. I believe we are open and are seeking the move of the Holy Spirit.

Our people are generous. We have excelled in using our time and resources to serve our community. It is such a blessing to have the financial means help out individuals and community things when the need arises.

We are outwardly focused. We have been given a vision to make disciples and we are always trying to make inroads into the community to meet needs.

In other areas our growth has continued to be steady. We continue to see new people and more and more we are the “go to” church in our community when things need done. I believe we are a blessing!


Even though we are outwardly focused we have not done a very good job of getting disciple groups started outside the church. We also have not been very good at bringing people to Christ. Our number of conversions has gone down each year as has our number of baptisms. We have to change that.

Being comfortable. It is hard work to start a church and it took a lot of effort on everyone’s part. We were good at getting family and friends to come and at least experience our church, but we have not been good at building relationships with unbelievers and sharing our lives with them. We have to change this.


Simply put we have to get back out in the community. We have to start having meetings with people outside who do not know Christ. To that end I really do want to get some X groups going where we challenge people to be part of them and then challenge them to start their own.

God has blessed us tremendously and we need to make sure to be faithful or those blessings will stop!

Your Servant in Christ


Leadership Board Report

Pastor Justin



God has continued to bless Son’s Life more and more.  I was reminded of this again this past Sunday that our true blessing is in our relationships and with the community that we get to experience every Sunday!  It is a wonderful feeling to leave church 45 minutes after church has ended and realize that you didn’t have enough time to connect with everyone that you wanted to connect with.  

But that blessing needs to continue to move outward to other people that don’t know Jesus.  The more time I’ve been able to spend with our brother in Christ and fellow church planter Daniel Vandock the more I’m reminded how much work we (I) have got in front of us (me) and at the same time how we need to continue to tweak the ministries of Son’s Life so as not to get too comfortable with where we are as a church or ministry.  

I also want to thank you as the leadership board for extending so much grace to Brian and myself as God has been revealing things to us, convicting us, and leading us away from traditional church things.  I am sure that there have been times when it seems like my focus has shifted or waned.  I apologize for what may have seemed like a lack of focus, but my passion for building God’s kingdom is the same and I believe through prayer and seeking his wisdom He has given us some next steps for this next year.   

New Ministries for the Church

Billboard outside of Town

Radio Spot on 88.5

Kids Hope

Regular Visitation schedules

Better Follow up with Benevolent receivers that are spiritually open  


New Ministries outside of the church

Coffee in Unionville – building relationships

X Groups/Accountability Groups for having spiritual conversations

Akron church plant


Board of Ministries

Annual Report 2017

These people served as deacons and deaconesses last year. Pastor Justin, Frank and Margret Martin, Tom and Lyvonne Cass, Ami and Peggy Ondrajka, Andy and Amy Wiederhold,


Started having a monthly bible study at Medallion Village

Helped with the food bank for February and April

Handed out Popcorn and Water at the Mom to Mom event in Caro

6 bags of clothes collected for migrant workers donated to Gagetown Catholic Church ministries

2 bags of clothes donated to foster care

We had a presence in the Sugar Festival Parade

Sebewaing VBS and Unionville VBS both held in the Parks served close to 2 dozen kids between both events

Sponsored the God’s Not Dead Movie for the Sebewaing Lawn Chair Film Festival

Sponsored and volunteered for pool days at Bay Shore

Scholarship money set aside for kids to attend camp at Bay Shore and Happy Time

Labor Day Church service in the park was started

Designated Money for the Orphanage in Africa

Moonlight Madness Family Carnival was a huge success this year

Frosty’s Workshop was also a huge success

Children’s Christmas store was another great success thanks to the efforts of Deb Harrod

Provided 6 Thanksgiving dinners for families in need in the community


As you can see from the above list the Board of ministries has been extremely active this year making an impact in the community through community events as well as events that we planned and implemented.  All the above events have helped us to continue to develop a spirit of grace, mercy, giving and service.  

Trustee Annual Report for 2017

The trustees who served you in 2017 were, Phil Kuhl Chairman, Earl Limberger, Missy Linzner, John Sekinger, and Morgan Linzner

For 2017 we conducted :

5 regular meetings

1 Budget Meeting

2 church wide work days.

All bills and debts were paid on time. Projects completed in 2007 included

New entrance doors, Parking Lot Lights, Basketball hoops, new censored front entrance lights and a new storage shed

Review of Christian Education for 2017

We had a great Christian Ed team this year consisting of Marissa Linzner, Nicole Licht, Deb Harrod, Deb Reinhardt, and Loydene Gabrielson as chairperson.

We had our 1st  meeting in January, after much discussion, we decided on the calendar for the year. We also discussed other areas where we could do outreach for kids in the church and community.

Some of the events and things we accomplished this year are:

We gave the dads hats for Fathers Day this year with Son’s Life Missionary Church printed on the front.

We participated in the Sugar Festival Parade by handing out candy.

Sunday school and junior church ended for the summer in June and we had the acorn bank breaking on June 5th.

Michelle and Justin Kuhl planned VBS and used different venues by doing VBS in the parks of Sebewaing and Unionville on 2 different weeks. It was well received and attended. I want to thank all of the volunteers at VBS, who shared their week and love with the kids.

With the beginning of the school year, we again helped families at Bayside Estates with school supplies for their kids,so they could have a successful school year. We supplied 26 book bags.

September brought the new school year and we had our Sunday School kick off with kids being moved up to the next class and junior church beginning again. In junior church this fall, the kids learned about the books of the Bible and Sandy is teaching the kids about prayer.

During Moonlight Madness we handed out Bible Coloring books to all of the children, who attended the event.

At the budget meeting we realized we had extra money we could and decided to buy Bibles for the Tuesday afternoon kids program and the Sunday school kids who didn’t have bibles. We also purchased white boards for the Sunday school rooms and Junior Church.

Under the direction of Margaret Martin, we packed 60 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child on a Thursday night in November.

Finally its December, the end of another year. We had great fun as a church family as we put

on the church Christmas play, “Keepsake Christmas”. Thanks to everyone who shared their talents in the presentation and craft time. A special thanks to Kallie for making the set.

I have enjoyed serving as the Christian Ed Director for the church for the last 2 years and as a team member for 4 years. God has richly blessed our team this year and will be with the new team for a exciting year in 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Loydene Gabrielson


Actual Vs 2017 Budget

General Fund Offerings           $263,145.22

1100s Building and Property   $34,081.19   97.9%

1200s Administration                $2321.85     69.3%

1300s Ministries                         $24,971.88  126%

1400s Missions                            $76,989        319%

1500s  Christian Education        $5999.48    89.5%

1600s Benefits                              $3584.70   95.7%

1700s Personnel    $97,221.80 104.9%